Sergio & Joshua

Big Brother Sergio lost his mother at an early age and his father was incarcerated. “I lived in a very difficult environment that was not suitable for a child to be growing up in,” said Sergio. Fortunately, Sergio found a mentor who gave him guidance, support and the encouragement to follow his dreams. “My Big Brother provided me with a shoulder to lean on during a difficult time in my life, it was a tremendous help that made a significant change,” said Sergio.

Due to his firsthand experience with the impact of mentoring, Sergio decided to become a Big Brother. Sergio was matched with his Little Brother Joshua in 2005. Unlike most of Sergio’s previous experiences, Joshua did not respond well to having a Big Brother. “I tried everything, to get him to open up. My love of music helped bring us closer together. I began teaching Joshua the drums and he began to listen to me about other lessons in life. Joshua felt empowered by music and all of a sudden he started getting into clubs: debate, politics and drama – it was incredible. At age 16, to see him give public speeches at Big Brothers Big Sisters events was so heartwarming to me. I was so inspired by him. The old Joshua had become the new Joshua.”