Ron & Jonathan

Ron Hinds and his family immigrated to America from Surinam. In his Brownsville neighborhood, violence claimed many of his friends. After joining the U.S. Marines he realized how meaningful life was and became a volunteer while earning his degree in criminal justice.

Little Brother Jonathan was born in Honduras where he lost his father to gang violence. When he was four years old, his family came to the U.S. but it was difficult for his mother, Oralia Nataren, to raise four children herself. Jonathan faced many challenges at school and was hanging out with gang members.

When she heard about BBBS’s Hermanos y Hermanas Mayores, Mrs. Nataren enrolled 12-year-old Jonathan and he was matched with Ron.

Ron was assigned to the Pentagon as a General’s aide, so along with recreational activities and tutoring sessions, he also took Jonathan to meet top military officials.

Jonathan has learned about the importance of education and to pursue his personal goals. Ron reminds Jonathan to take care of his family, especially his mother, because she sacrificed more than anything. “I want to help my mom,” says Jonathan, “and I want her to feel that I am one of her best accomplishments!” He also wants to join the Marine Corps.