Lemonade for Littles


On a beautiful Sunday, June 29th, at the Olney Farmers Market, Jessica Chappell of Nerium International, and her husband and their two children manned their “Lemonades for Littles” tent. Everyone helped raised money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Lemonade sales soared from 9 a.m. until the market ended at 1:00 p.m., reported Jessica and Curtis. “One boy came back several times with any change/bills he could get his hands on and put it in our donation jar. . . good people raising their kids right,” said Curtis.

All of the proceeds raised go directly to Nerium for distribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters. In addition, one of the donors wanted to sign up to be a Big Sister in Montgomery County!

Jessica is a brand partner with Nerium International, which pledged to raise $1 million nationally for Big Brothers Big Sisters.Thank you, Nerium partners!Visit Nerium at

Our thanks to the good folks in Olney, as well as to Freddy and Janet of “Eat a Little Something” Catering, who graciously didn’t sell lemonade from their adjacent stand but let Nerium sell its “Lemonade for Littles.” Visit them online at

Next year, Jessica and her husband and their children, Christopher and Cameron, are ready to sell more “Lemonade for Littles”!