Ayoub Carpet Service Partners with BBBS


“We get out what kids and pets track in,” is the slogan of Ayoub Carpet Service, which has formed a fundraising partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area and Homeward Trails. The promotion kicked off May 1st.

Ayoub will be promoting both non-profits through their direct mail pieces, website, and social media. The program launch began with postcards sent out to 24,000 area residents.

“We want to give our customers the option to ‘Round Up’ their invoices to the next $1, $5, $10,” said Tracey Edwards of Ayoub, “with proceeds split between BBBSNCA and Homeward Trails.” Donations will be submitted quarterly and divided between BBBSNCA and Homeward Trails, an Alexandria pet adoption agency serving DC, VA and MD.

Both non-profits are recognizing Ayoub Carpet Services on websites and social media. We encourage you to get in touch with Ayoub Carpet Services at and participate in their promotions and help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!