“See Mona Run” Fund Established for BBBSNCA


Friends and family gathered Saturday, December 7th to walk and run in the first “See Mona Run” 5K held at Langley High School in McLean, VA to honor the memory of Mona Gupta, a former Big Sister.

Since September 60 donors across the country raised over $5,757 and the family established the “See Mona Run” Fund to provide general support for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This 5K will be an annual event in support of BBBSNCA.

The 5K was organized by Lisa Summers-Gibson, Kathi Glorioso Dress, and Maria Elena Giraldo Greene, friends and family of Mona to celebrate the life of Mona Gupta, who died September 20 this year. Mona had been an outstanding runner at Langley HS and received a four-year collegiate running scholarship. In the past Mona and her sister also ran and raised money as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters “Run for Kids,” BBBSNCA’s former charity run of the Marine Corps Marathon.

You may contribute to the “See Mona Run” Fund to honor the memory of Mona Gupta and to be a testament to the hearts and lives she touched by clicking the DONATE button anywhere on our site. Note that your donation is for the “See Mona Run” Fund or in memory of Mona Gupta.

see-mona-run-2 (at left) The first four runners who returned: Andrea Raggambi, Eudora Wu Miller, Ann Wessel, and Lynn Aprahamian Collins