Big Brother Cesar Vence Reaches Goal!


He Made It Easy To Raise Money Online To Celebrate His Birthday

Big Brother Cesar Vence started a fundraising page on to benefit BBBSNCA’s Hermanos y Hermanas Mayores Latino Outreach Initiative. Cesar’s goal was to raise $1,500 within a month to celebrate his March birthday.

“I’ve received tons of support from friends; everyone has a different reason for donation,” said Cesar.

The site went live in February and over the last month, his friends and family donated contributions online, mostly with donations of $30 and $60 to celebrate his 30th birthday.

His Little Brother Oscar learned about the initiative and was very excited. He wanted to help his Big Brother of five years meet his goal by donating from his own savings.

Thank you, Cesar! What a meaningful way to mark a milestone birthday with all your friends celebrating by helping others.

Cesar works in the Executive Office of the Mayor of The District of Columbia and is a graduate student at American University.

On his birthday, Cesar said he will be working at his job, finishing two university papers, preparing for his half-marathon on Saturday, seeing his loved ones, and eating a lot of carbs!

We salute Cesar for his commitments to Little Brother Oscar, our Latino mentoring programs, and his innovative birthday celebration.

You can continue to donate on Cesar’s site today!