Deloitte Consulting Hosts “Prepare for College” Workshop


College Preparation and Financial Advice

Deloitte Consulting professionals in Arlington, VA created and held a college preparation and financial advice workshop for students and their parents. Big Brothers DJ Purnell and Drew Sindlinger headed up the special program, “How to Successfully Prepare for College,” to help students in 9th-12th grades who participate in Big Brothers Big Sisters and their parents better understand process of preparing for college.

Purnell and Sindlinger worked with BBBS’ Jehan Cooke, Health Educator/Program Coordinator of our Building Positive Futures to create this training on preparing for college, applying for FAFSA Federal Student Loan and other scholarships. It was held Saturday, September 15th at Deloitte’s offices in Arlington, VA.

bbbs-deloitte-2012-2The primary focus was to increase BBBS mentees’ interest in and access to higher education and included the following areas:

  • The requirement of students to market themselves appropriately to colleges. (Teaching mentees that they must sell themselves to colleges)
  • Educating parents on the cost of college and the overall Return on Investment of a college education. (Short-term and long-term planning)
  • Educating both parents and students on the college application timeline
  • Educating parents on college funding opportunities (types of loans, state savings plans, FAFSA, and scholarship opportunities.)

The Todd Miller Scholarship, offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters, was used as one example of scholarships available. You can see this scholarship information and application by downloading it here.