McDonald’s Corporation Hosts Beyond School Walls Students


Students from Takoma Educational Center in Washington, DC learned these facts and more as Renee Holland, Director of Human Resources, at McDonald’s Regional Office in Bethesda, MD, hosted 11 sixth and seventh graders in Big Brothers Big Sisters “Beyond School Walls” Program recently.

Did you know there are over 700 McDonald’s restaurants in the Washington/Baltimore area…and 35,000 restaurants worldwide?

McDonald’s Training Supervisor, Starlene Reed, introduced the students to their mentors, all of whom are McDonald’s store managers. mcdonalds-2Mentors and mentees on their bus ride to MD chatted with each other to get to know more about their interests. Program staff members Wayne Reed and Jehan Cooke accompanied the students. Mrs. Reed also escorted them all on their trip to see the impressive McDonald’s Martin-Brower Food Distribution Plant in Manassas, VA.

Are you aware that McDonald’s is a $65 billion company?

Although many may associate McDonald’s only with entry-level jobs, the students learned that McDonald’s employs a great variety of people trained in the fields of human resources, real estate, engineering, law, security, loss prevention, marketing, IT and more.


“Beyond School Walls” helps students widen their horizons and envision career opportunities to help them create productive futures for themselves.