Michael & Roberto

Big Brother Michael helped his Little improve grades . . .

Michael was a steadying influence in the life of his Little Brother Roberto for many years.

When Roberto was 10 years old and first matched, he was very shy, introverted and awkward in social situations. Big Brother Michael over the years brought out the best in Roberto.

Little Brother Roberto lived with his mother and four siblings. His mother, who emigrated from El Salvador, strongly believes in the positive and stable force of the Hermanos y Hermanas Mayores Initiative. All five of her children have benefited from Big Brothers Big Sisters’ services.

Big Brother Michael helped improve David’s social skills and his academics. Roberto’s grades improved in Math and Science from Cs to Bs and As.

Michael as a Big Brother was continuing his family tradition of dedication to community service and compassion for others. He is bilingual with a degree in Psychology and Spanish. He also studied Spanish at the Universidad de San Luis in Madrid, Spain and is employed by the government as a Language Analyst.

Over the years, Michael married and became a father. But he always made time for David. They studied together and also enjoyed movies, swimming, baseball, restaurants and the city’s diverse Latino events.