Chris & Jonah

Big Brother Chris Jenkins was the answer to a boy’s wish . . .

“When my son asked me to find out about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, I knew he was desperate for a male role model,” said Liz Coppola about her son, Jonah.

Chris became an integral part of Jonah’s life.

Big Brother Chris was motivated to get involved with BBBS as a result of his positive experience growing up in a close-knit family. The two shared interests in football, baseball and movies, and enjoyed visiting places like the Aquarium and Discovery. Chris even made a priority to attend Jonah’s sports practices and games.

All his friends wanted a Big Brother just like Chris!

“The Big Brothers Big Sisters program enabled my son to feel special, accepted and cared for,” said Ms. Coppola. Jonah once lacked self-esteem but BBBS helped him to become happier, more confident, and outgoing, as well as more competitive in sports. Jonah also impressed his teachers with a dramatic improvement in his grades.

“It’s great that Chris goes beyond the expectations of any Big Brother,” said Ms. Coppola.