Brian & Dee

Brian Cornwell became a Big Brother to DeMarcus (Dee) to make a difference because he believed he had important experiences and lessons to share. Brian grew up in Connecticut and now works for BAE Systems as a Systems Analyst.

Little Brother Dee has a lot to say about his Big Brother Brian, who has been matched for more than two years saying “I am glad to have a Big Brother.”

He continues, “We have gone so many places and had so much fun. He is also serious with me and teaches me about life. We talk about money, politics and even girls! He gives such good advice to me. I have someone to talk to, someone who knows what it is like to be a boy and understand what I am going through. Even when I have trouble at school or with my brother I can talk to Brian – he knows just what to say.”

“I think we will be brothers forever,” says Dee.

Mrs. Pruit, Dee’s mother, adds, “I trust him with my son because I know he is in the best hands possible.”